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Kenneth Holmes - Activity Director


Activity Calendar


Our activity calendar is designed to engage the diverse population that we serve.  We incorporate the individual talents of each of our activity staff members to offer a variety of activities touching on the preferences of each participant.


Our calendar is changed monthly to include seasonal activities and outings as well as new programs within the building. We have many activity spaces including a game room, library, exercise room, media room and two large activity rooms. Whether you like upbeat singing and dancing, or relaxing with a movie or book, we have a space for everyone.


Ken shares his passion for music with the program every day. He has inspired our participants to start a chorus which performs both at the program as well as other facilities to brighten other people's days. He meets regularly with the participants for input in the activity planning, making sure that everyone is excited about the upcoming events. He meets with the participants regularly to include their ideas in the activity planning, making sure that everyone is excited for the upcoming events.


Some of the offerings of our talented activity staff include


• ceramics

• community outings to restaurants and shopping

• exercise

• computer classes

• games

• arts and crafts

• holiday parties

• singing and dancing

• Spanish club

• Khmer philosophy classes

• poetry writing

• pool

• air hockey

• dominoes

• Religious services in multiple languages


The activities and programming reflect the diverse needs of participants and their levels of functioning. Contact us to learn more.



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