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Our program is designed to represent the diversity of the people we serve.  Much like the city of Lowell, our population is diverse in culture, age and programming.  For some of our particpants, we offer a much needed medical support.  For others, we are a structured social support.  In all cases, Home Away From Home offers the services needed to allow people to continue living in their home settings with daily support to meet their needs.


As your Home Away From Home, we offer many services that are difficult for our participants to obtain on their own.  Some of these services include:


• transportation to and from medical appointment

• nutritionally balanced meals

• community outings

• physical and occupational therapy


You've got to see it to believe it!  The size and layout of Home Away From Home allows space for multiple activities to be happening at the same time, with some room left over for relaxing.  What this means for you is a variety of choices throughout the day.  One visit to Home Away From Home and you will see what is unique about us.

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